We focus exclusively on the design and construction of small scale residential dwellings. We bring real-world experience to the table, guiding our clients through the complexities of design, permitting, and construction. Modworks Inc. employs building systems and specifications that deliver a streamlined customer experience.

Thinking about building? Make sure to learn about the importance of proper licensing and insurance.


Small-scale, intelligent, responsive design.

We work with intelligent, responsive designs that are appropriate for their site and context. Bring your design, work with our pre-designed plans, or we can design a custom solution for your property. We understand the challenges and complexities that arise when designing small residential dwellings.


Enhanced user experience.

Modworks Inc. uses proven building systems that balance up front capital investment, cost of operation, user experience, building science and overall comfort. We work with multiple technologies that address building envelope design, heating and cooling.


Efficient, streamlined construction.

We employ Modular, Prefabricated and Traditional building methodologies. Modworks Inc. selects the most appropriate building system that considers site constraints, budget, project timeline and scope. Irrespective of the building system, the quality and accuracy of construction as well as delivering a dwelling on schedule and on budget, remain paramount.


Beautiful, lasting materials.

We review every detail on each project whether it be structural, mechanical, envelope or finish material. We have carefully selected interior and exterior finishes that blend durability, performance, aesthetics, price and health. Select from our standard specifications or we can customize to meet unique project requirements.

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In order to build your house, our house has to be in order. Modworks Inc. has obtained all the required licensing, insurance and bonding to be a residential builder in the province of Alberta. We respect the legislation that is in place, operate in a spirit of transparency, and whole-heartedly support the rules and regulations designed to protect consumers.

Progressive Home Warranty Member

"As of February 1, 2014, every new home built in Alberta is protected under warranty. Alberta's New Home Buyer Protection Act encourages even higher quality standards, making sure your new home stands the test of time."
As a member of a premiere warranty provider in Western Canada, we back our projects with a comprehensive 1-2-5-10 year warranty. This provides peace of mind for homeowner and builder alike.

Licensed Builder

Effective December 1, 2017, all residential builders are required to have a Builder Licence in order to construct new homes in the province of Alberta. Consumers can search the Builder Registry to see if a builder is in good standing, the persons in control and builder activity. Knowing there is a rigorous process to become a licensed builder, as well as public accountability and transparency, this provides peace of mind for consumers.

Prepaid Contractor Licence

This licence has been established to protect consumers when a contractor accepts money before the work is done. There is a cooling off period, a "Buyer's Right To Cancel" clause written into contracts as well as deposit protection via General Surety Bonds. Your deposit is protected in the event that your builder is unable to start or complete the project. Once again, there is a rigorous vetting process of background checks and contract reviews in order to qualify for a Prepaid Contractor Licence in the province of Alberta.

Retail Homes Sales Licence

“Retail Home Sales Business means the business of selling or the offering for sale of manufactured homes, mobile homes or package homes, or any of the units or materials constituting those homes, to an individual for use as a residence.”
This licence ensures that consumers have the right contract in place. There are strict guidelines for how contracts are written with respect to modular, manufactured or packaged homes. Notable terms include: Total Payable by Buyer, Payment Schedule, Home Manufacturer, Completion Date, Delivery Date, etc. Legislation is in effect that makes sure you receive a Serial Number and certification Label from the manufacturer of record.

General Liability Insurance

Modworks Inc. carries comprehensive Commercial General Liability insurance. This type of insurance typically covers: Damage to your property, injury on your property, and coverage for employees that cause injury or damage to your property. It is vital that you insure the dwelling while it is being built as this is not covered under a homeowner's or CGL policy.

Course of Construction

During the build process, it is vital that your project is protected via Course of Construction insurance. Modworks Inc. provides excellent coverage for the following ocurances: Fire and/or explosion, lighting strikes, hail damage, theft, vandalism, and vehicles or aircraft crashing into the structure.

Better Business Bureau Member

As part of our commitment to public accountability and transparency, we are a chapter member of the Better Business Bureau and proudly carry an A Rating.

City of Edmonton Business Licence

Not to be overlooked, Modworks Inc. carries a Business Licence with the City of Edmonton. This demonstrates that Modworks Inc. follows the City of Edmonton's rules and regulations, complying with all fire, health and building regulations.

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