Building Methodologies

At the beginning of every project, we complete a thorough Site Assessment. This helps us identify existing infrastructure, what needs to be upgraded, and any challenges we might face with respect to site access. We typically examine the site for craning or other heavy machinery. Once we have a clear understanding of your property, we will propose one of three building methodologies.


80% - 90% Built Off-Site
When site constraints allow for a modular build, this is highly desirable approach. Modular construction provides cost and timeline certainty. Modules are precisely-built indoors in a climate controlled environment, regardless of the weather. With two timelines – factory and site – construction timelines are significantly shortened.


40% - 50% Built Off-Site
When possible, we employ prefabrication techniques to accelerate construction. Panelized wall, roof and sometimes even floor sections are delivered to site – with structural and insulation members intact. This can speed up construction and improve accuracy. A great benefit for building in our winter climate is that a home is protected from the elements early in construction.


80% - 90% Built On-Site
Nearly all components are delivered to and assembled on site. Windows & doors, structural components, mechanical systems, finishes, etc. This proven method of building homes has been around since the mid 1800's.

Our Five Step Process

For our modular and prefabricated projects, we break construction into five major phases. In most cases, certain phases of a project happen in tandem. A modular or prefabricated project typically sees Site Work happening in concert with Fabrication & Framing. In a traditionally-built project, the process is more linear; the overall project may take longer to build, but the end result can be just as rewarding.

01. Design & Permits

Being a design-build company, we coordinate all design work, engineering and permitting. Modworks offers in-house design and also works with a talented network of designers. We find the more time spent planning up front, the smoother the permitting review, the easier the build process becomes.

02. Site Work & Foundation

Great care is taken to fully understand infrastructure requirements. We determine if new services are required and if or how they need to be connected to an existing dwelling. We have extensive experience with various foundation systems whether it be a conventionally formed basement, insulated concrete forms, frost wall on footing, or grade beam on screw piles.

03. Fabrication & Manufacturing

The nature of modular and prefabricated construction is that it is front-end loaded. Many of the decisions that are made later in a project are made before fabrication begins. All decisions, all specifications are made up front. Fabrication and framing usually takes 2-3 months.

04. Mechanical, Insulation & Finishes

Completed either on site (Prefabrication) or in a manufacturing facility (Modular), rough-ins are completed including HVAC, plumbing, electrical and any renewables if specified. The building may arrive on site fully insulated or may require some minimal insulation to complete the building envelope. This phase also sees the installation of all the interior and exterior finishes.

05. Delivery, Installation & Button-Up

A typical modular project is delivered to site mostly complete in as few modules as possible. A 2-4 module project can be set in place in one day. About a month is required to make necessary mechanical connections, complete interior and exterior finishes, and button-up other site details. At that point, the dwelling is move-in ready.

Explore the project phases below for a visual overview of our construction process.

Visualizing The Project:
Plans, Models, Renderings & Details

_ Survey
_ Design Documentation
_ Engineering
_ Construction Documentation
_ Permit Coordination
Detailed floorplans are developed for permit documentation.
3D software helps us visualize structural design.
Detailed full colour elevations are included with our designs.
Elevations show shadows and materials to better understand the project.

Underground + Overground:
Building On a Solid Foundation

_ Survey
_ Demolition & Excavation
_ Water & Sewer Upgrade
_ Infrastructure Connections
_ Piles and/or Foundation
_ Plumbing, Radiant & Slab Prep
_ Backfill & Rough Grade
Heavy equipment makes quick work of a garage demo and excavation.
Exposing a sewer line prior to replacement.
Precise installation of galvanized helical screw piles.
An ICF grade beam foundation set on screw piles.
Radiant tubing set in EPS. Ready for inspection, rebar and concrete.
Fresh slab, manifold, new water & sewer connections, Radon mitigation, approved hydronics inspection.

Accelerating The Build:
Prefabrication & Manufacturing

_ Structural Components
_ Garage Walls
_ Floor, Walls & Roof
_ Windows & Doors
Building indoors year round: Climate-controlled construction.
Building the open web floor truss system. Walls stacked above, drywall applied.
Two story, two bedroom garden suite with triple garage below. Traditionally framed.
Second floor garden suite. Vaulted interior.
Site work complete. Garage walls in place. Ready to receive modules.
Engineered subfloor & radiant distribution system: Warmboard structural radiant floor.

Efficiency & Comfort:
Mechanical, Insulation, Finishes

_ HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical
_ Insulation & Vapour Barrier
_ Drywall & Paint
_ Roofing & Exterior Finishes
_ Interior Finishes
Ultra-efficient and comfortable radiant heating.
Garden suite modules positioned in place, ready for transportation.
Exterior mineral wool insulation wicks moisture away and provides an excellent Thermal Break.
Walls and roof insulated with 2 lb. spray foam. Vapour barrier, air barrier & insulation in one step.
Modules shipped out complete with fixtures, cabinetry, countertops and trim.

Stitching It Together:
Delivery, Installation & Button-Up

_ Transportation
_ Craning and/or Telehandler
_ Installation of Modules
_ Mechanical Connections
_ Completion of Interior & Exterior Finishes
_ Occupancy Permit
Crane and protective mats positioned in place, ready to sling modules.
Arrival of modules.
First garden suite module smoothly, steadily slung into position.
Second garden suite module in flight.
Completed low-maintenance, durable fibre cement and metal exterior.
Finishes complete. Ready for appliances.
Inspected and certified: CSA & Serial Number attached to electrical panel.

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